Hybrid Surfaces

Protect and Reinforce

Greenacres Hybrid Surfaces are the ideal solution for areas that are subject to heavy use and erosion.

CoverLawn is a knitted construction hybrid product that reinforces and protects natural grass from the root system up. CoverLawn allows natural turf to grow through and integrate completely, providing a surface that is resistant to mechanical wear and tear.

With over 1,000 installations worldwide, Greenacres Hybrid Grass has benefited golf courses, sports pitches, children’s playgrounds, music festivals, public parks and many other high traffic areas.

Working in tandem with natural grass, the hybrid surface encourages natural growth whilst reinforcing and protecting the root zone with its honeycomb structure.

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How it WORKS


Measure the installation area and calculate how much Hybrid Grass is required, using the fewest seams possible.


Mow any existing grass to 20mm, clearing any debris or weeds from the surface. Fill in any uneven holes in the surface with soil and seed any bare patches.


Lay the rolls of Hybrid Grass and, if necessary, cut them to fit the required area.


Secure the Hybrid Grass in place by burying the edges into the ground and inserting the decomposable anchor pins provided.


Apply a layer of top sand to the surface and water to even out any inconsistencies.


The new surface is ready to be used immediately after installation. Allow 2-3 months for complete integration.